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Online Psychological Counseling - Best Psychologist/Counselor in Chandigarh

Human emotions are complex. They need to be managed well for a successful and happy life. Every human being goes through something and we need to address those issues at the right time before it evolves into internal conflicts of higher intensity. To help you in your journey with the same, we provide counseling for emotional, psychological, relationship and personality development issues.
Holy Basil Mediclinic is the best online platform for Psychological Counseling. We provide Online Counseling for all your psychological needs. For Consultation and Counseling, feel free to speak to our expert Psychologist/Counselor at anytime of the day. We are easily accessible over chat, phone call and video call from any part of the world.

Online Children and Adolescents Counseling

Holy Basil Mediclinic provides the best counselling sessions for children, adolescents, teenagers and youth in order to resolve their mental and emotional issues. Consult our expert Psychologist for online therapy sessions specially designed to cater to psychological needs of teens and children. Counseling sessions are well planned and designed considering all aspects of child development. These online counselling sessions are conducted with the consent of parents. Childhood is an important phase of life. Anything that happens in this phase has a long lasting impact which may cause emotional, physical and mental health problems. And the impact of these problems determine how a child is likely to behave later in adulthood. Psychologist/Counselor/Therapist plays an essential role by building a relationship of trust with the child. They offer children or adolescent therapeutic space where children or adolescents feel safe, comfortable and understood. These therapy sessions allow the children to freely express themselves as the entire process helps them gain awareness and better understand the inner-self.

Online Pharmacy

Holy Basil Mediclinic pharmacy is a government authorized pharmacy which allows the ease of availing most affordable medicines at your doorstep. We offer upto 30% discount on medicines that are genuine and authentic. The process of ordering medicines is simple as customer convenience is given utmost importance at Holy Basil. We make sure ordered medicines get delivered safely at your home within the specified time frame.

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Online Consultation with Top Specialist

Holy Basil Mediclinic possesses the most qualified and experienced doctors to cater to the varied needs of the patients. You can seek online consultation from a doctor from the comfort of your home, as we believe in giving best treatment to all patients. We prioritize your comfort and care. Holy Basil is proud to have digitally served a huge number of people to get their consultation at home from the top specialist.

COVID Home Care Package (Online Assistance for 10 days)

Home care now a days is gaining acceptance over hospitals seeing the comfort and ease involved with it. In this difficult period of time, changing trends from hospitals to home care brings big relief to those who have been advised to undergo COVID treatment at home. Holy Basil Medicinic introduces one of its kind COVID Home Care Package to assist such patients online on a daily basis. In their home quarantine period, we will help them keep emotionally strong, physically healthy and mentally happy. It will also ensure to lessen the financial burden to the family.

COVID Home Care Package
FREE Online Doctor Consultation

FREE Online Consultation with General Physician

Holy Basil Mediclinic is a rapidly growing digital clinic that provides FREE Online Consultation to all their patients with a General Physician. We have helped people belonging to far flung areas by offering them FREE Consultation from well qualified and experienced General Physicians. Feel Comfortable to consult our trusted General Physicians for any type of medical help at your convenience for FREE. We will do our best to answer your health related queries because a patient is looked at as priority at Holy Basil. By providing FREE Medical Consultation we aim to offer you with a hassle free healthcare experience from the comfort of your home. To avail the service, call on the contact number given on our website or WhatsApp us, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lab Test

Through our network of labs across Tricity, we have brought the lab test facility at your doorstep to ease your inconvenience. You can make a request to collect the sample from your home. We have a wide range of lab tests to choose for you. Due to the persisting Covid-19 threat, we are also conducting COVID-19 sample testing. All lab tests are carried out with caution in well equipped laboratories.

Lab Test
Home Care/Home Visit

Home Care/Home Visit

Holy Basil Mediclinic partners with top home care companies and through our channel partners we provide the most qualified and experienced nursing care and doctor consultation at your home. A number of people have reaped the benefit of our medical services. Holy Basil has always extended a helping hand especially to disable people or aged people by visiting at their homes and providing them top most nursing care and consultation with top most doctors.

Ambulance Service

You can book an ambulance service through your phone and we assure you the best services at competitive rates. We can be reached at any time of the day for ambulance services. We have tie ups with the best ambulance service providers in the region. You can avail the ambulance service with and without a ventilator. Doctor or nursing staff will be made available based on your requirements.

Ambulance Service
Book Appointment

Book Appointment

You can book an appointment through your phone at the click of a button and get an additional 10% discount. We are happy to offer you the best services at the best rates. Book appointment facility has been incorporated in an effort to decrease your wait time and save you from the hassle of standing in long queues.