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Booking an appointment is a simple process that allows you to schedule a meeting or a service with our specialist. You can now easily book an appointment from the comfort of your own home using a computer or a mobile device. This not only saves your time and effort but also allows you to quickly find available time slots and choose the one that works best for you.

Multispeciality (OPD)

S.No. Staff Name Designation Qualification Area/ working department
1 Dr. Sachin Verma MD MBBS & MD(Internal Medicine) INTERNAL MEDICINE
2 Dr. Navjot Kaur Gynaecologist MBBS, MD, DNB (OBS &Gynae) GYNAE
3 Dr. Sanjay Orthopedician MBBS, MS ORTHOPEDICS
4 Dr. Karan Dhawan Psychiatrist MBBS,MD PYSCHIATRY
6 Dr. Nitin Chabra Otolaryngologis MBBS & MS(Otorhinolaryngology) ENT
7 Dr. Jagdeep Chaudhary General Surgeon MBBS, MS(General Surgery) GENERAL SURGERY
8 Dr. Virender Kappal General Surgeon MBBS, MS(General Surgery) GENERAL SURGERY
9 Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal Plastic Surgeon MBBS,M.S.,M.CH (Plastic Surgery) PLASTIC SURGERY
10 Dr. Geetanjali Clinical Pathologist MBBS, MD(PATHOLOGY) PATHOLOGY
11 Dr. Satinder Verma Clinical Assistant BAMS ICU
12 Dr. Rajneesh Sharma Clinical Assistant BAMS EMERGENCY
13 Dr. Vivek Singh Clinical Assistant BAMS EMERGENCY
14 Dr. Satish Medical Officer MBBS EMERGENCY
15 Dt. Pooja Vij Dietitian PG DIPLOMA (Nutrition Dietetics DIET
16 Dr. Santosh Thakur Physiotherapist MPT PHYSIOTHERAPHY
17 Dr. Aman Goswami Physiotherapist MPT PHYSIOTHERAPHY
18 Dr. Parminder Kaur Clinical Assistant BAMS GENERAL WARD

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