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This is what makes Holy Basil Hospital unique

Budget ICU has been established at Holy Basil Hospital

It is not just a hospital but an ecosystem. Here patients along with the treatment gets a friendly environment. Apart from this, there is no dearth of specialist doctors in the hospital. Holy Basil hospital has its own modern laboratory and pharmacy. Holy Basil is a super specialty hospital in Kharar, Mohali (located in Prime City, Landran Road), offering super specialty OPD, medical facilities and a range of other medical services.

Understanding the need of the hour, Budget ICU has been established at Holy Basil Hospital. This unit has been introduced especially foreseeing the need of middle class people who are reluctant to visit small clinics and big reputed hospitals due to lack of trained staff at clinics and high critical care cost at big hospitals. As the term budget indicates our concept is based on minimal cost of ICU. A woman in a middle class family manages the household budget efficiently. She makes sure all the needs of the family members are well taken care of within a defined budget. Likewise, Holy Basil Hospital ensures low-cost pocket-friendly treatment without compromising on the quality as well as your expectations.

Holy Basil plant is known for plentifully benefiting us with its magical properties and uses, similarly the hospital is proving to be a boon to the needy people by providing low cost healthcare services. A great number of people have been successfully treated and benefited from Budget ICU services being provided in this Super Specialty Hospital. In the hospital, the patients' are looked after and treated by specialists who have extensive experience to deal with the critical care of the patients. There is a panel of doctors led by the director of the hospital, Dr. Sachin Verma who leaves no stones unturned to cure their patients. The staff of the hospital is 24x7 ready to serve the patients.

Treatment and Services Available

  • Post Trauma Care
  • Ventilator Support
  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Various Procedure Tracheostomy, CSF Examination, ICD(Chest Tube Insertion, CVC(Central Venous Catherisation)